It’s a Different Kind of Night

It’s another night, just like any other
And yet, it’s different from any other night
The same people, the same routine
But we all move around knowing that today is a different day

The sky looks the same, dark, few stars to be seen
And muggy clouds reflect the lights of city that never sleeps


Houston Skyline on a Cloudy Night

To you, this is a skyline seen so many times over
It never changes
But we all see something so different

So I sit, wondering what makes this night so special
What makes this cigarette any different from the one before it?
Why does the air smell so unique to me? Like it’s never smelled that way before?

It must be the company. It must be the people with me.
It must be the conversation that seems to shed light on new ideas and thought processes
Even though we’ve said it all before

No matter how similar this night may seem
It is different in every aspect

My chair sits just a little bit farther
The breeze tosses leaves gently in an unknown pattern
Even the smoke churns violently but in a rythmic motion

So I breathe it all in
As another night, unlike any other
But so familiar

Top Rated Street Art


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