Fireflies In Our Solar System

Bare feet traipse across the stars in search of illumination, fireflies to warm the vast infinite
One hand clutches tight a jar to her chest and she leaps with a silent yell of delight
The other hand swings upon the waxing crescent’s slender tail into a weightless free fall

Toes glide upon the surface of a lazy Milky Way, rippling towards a suggested embankment
A universe, immobilized without knowledge of gravity, cannot weigh down the gentle trespasser’s voyage
She is careening with a smile, neither head or heels can find the ground so she sails on

The cold vacuum bites a blush upon her cheeks, vivacious and bright in a muted adventure
High delight radiates, perforating the craters and cracks to warm the asteroid’s belt and she slingshots from its girth
Glittering trails of a comet’s travel shine as a shower of a million lightning bugs

She loosens the jar from her bosom, crashing through the brilliant wake to collect shards of beauty
Super nova’s collide beyond the galaxy, blinding explosions spread across a dark cavern
In the jar she holds comet trails and stars alike, a lantern of supernatural fireflies

Balancing on Saturn’s rings, tiny footsteps lead back to home
Home is heavy, loud and full – even the moon shines less against a neon night’s glare
Though her journey’s purpose is filled to the brim, she turns her back to home and launches quietly into the stars

Stars in a Mason Jar - "Fireflies in Our Solar System" by The Sunshine Theory


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