Lift my chin, 
Demand eye contact
And as they meet,
I wonder if you see it too
Cracks in my windshield
I can’t see that clearly
Your face is broken, the movie a blur
But I can feel your touch
Crystal clear
The cracks are old,
Just stretching with time
From old abuses,
Rocks thrown up
But I’ve made it down the road
And here I am
To curl up in your embrace
Squeeze your hand
Hiding under your chin from the scary parts
And grinning like a fool

Intoxicating? Perhaps.
Invigorating? Definitely.
Confusing? Not necessarily.
Surprising? Absolutely.

So hold my hand
And lets just relax
I’m tired of planning ahead,
And trying to see where I’m going
It’s difficult and frustrating
But laying here with you,
I can breathe
And it’s nice