The Fifth Step is the Hardest

The first step some would say is the hardest, trusting your legs to hold true above the feet you pray find safe footing
You are shaking, unnerved and uncomfortable at the vaguely lit path with no destination
The idea of a fresh start in a new setting was more invigorating as a simple concept

The second step comes with a deep breath and more crossed fingers that the ground is still there
You stand tall but frightened as the bridge that got you to the first step has fallen away
Now on your journey, hope burns as a gentle candle fresh in its jar with a maddening flare of excitement

The third step is a blur as you skip to your next stone and forget your legs are only human
You don’t pause, leaning into your next predicted vault through a fog you’re temporarily unaware of
Filled with pure dreams and brushing off any old wounds, you move forward

The fourth step seems longer when you stumble and realize your feet may not be as ready for the trip as your mind
The humbling reminder of your mortality shocks you into a silent moment of reflection
Foggy surroundings ahead and behind send goosebumps to whisper doubt in your ear

The fifth step is the hardest, leg muscles exhausted from little use before and your feet cracking over new callouses
Your hopes and dreams are foggy and dim, the brilliant bait hidden and you left to your imagination
The road home seems untraceable except for a briefly flickering glow through that kitchen window

Where does one travel from here?
The easily shaken turn back, steps sure despite the uncertainty of the path’s existence anymore
The cautious stand still, solid footing in a safe spot for them to rest and be comfortable
The adventurous jump into the misty forest, spinning clouds as they land – jumping again, a tornado spins slowly behind them

Be the adventurous one and ignore the fear weighing upon your shoulders
It’s time to move forward and act with the knowledge that each moment you breathe is as important as the last one and the next one
Look back on your travels with a vault of memories to cherish, lessons to live by and new friends to share laughs with

A Life You're Proud Of - Inspirational Quote - Poem about Life's Journey in The Sunshine Theory