Shattered, Sparkling Skies

Sometimes the sky is the only place one can feel safe
With a scene ever changing yet always there
Each hour the picture morphs into a new painting
To inspire and comfort, whether by sun or moon
And those who walk amidst friends look to it less
While those whose footsteps echo forth on their solitary path
Gaze into its depths, seeking answers written in the constellations

Each looks for their own reasons
Whether the stars sparkle for dreams or broken shards of hope
We have all found solace in the rolling clouds
Even the blind turn up their face
For sunlight or rain to caress their cheeks
And know, that in all the chaos, there is a sky to to be known

For myself, the moon is hidden this night
Where is my moon tonight?
The shadows nip at my heels
Movement in the corner of my eye
Building a hallucination of terror and my pace quickens
Frantically I begin to run
Bare feet flying over broken glass and dirty cigarette butts
My mind numbs the nerves and I feel nothing
Racing madly to feel, to find the moon that I seek solidarity within

To the outsiders, it is a case of insanity
To me, it is searching for my anchor in the madness

Freedom is nothing when I have no light with which to travel
And when the sun is gone, sight relies on moonlight’s soft lead
For I need the sky when you need solace,
I need the sky, the moon, the sun,
The thunderclouds rolling in but bringing the rain so I know beyond the gray dawn
Is my sky, my moon

"New Moon" - Photo by Ed Schipul, Some Rights Reserved