Sweat of the Devil’s Dance

Sweating in the Devil's Dance

In a devil’s dance, the bed unfolded
With wicked grins seen in the moonlight’s profile
It’s a whispered tale between two lovers
A carnal manifestation of the heart
Evidenced by the nails in his back,
Each fingers digging a path of blatant need

With each breath, a song begins to take shape
A gentle intro, swept up into the chorus
To a rhythm known only by the body
The musical break arrives with a mouth’s caress
Take a second to see not the trembling limbs
Look into each other’s souls, basking in a love all our own

As the beat picks up, seemingly impossible
The exhilaration heightens and thoughts erase themselves
It is no longer a conscious creation but one of instinct
Centuries of knowledge and need announce their presence
With a song as old as time, the music plays loudly
Blocking eardrums and sanity
To be swept up in the notes, carried off to the melody

Our skin meets harshly but perfectly
In the window’s light, the sweat glistens and the humidity is thick

In a moment, the limbs tighten and hold
For a split-second, the scene is frozen
Breath stopped, eyes closed, fingers entwined

And it is gone

The exhausted forms fall, still in a state of bliss
The aftermath shows both,
Head on his shoulder as chests rise in unison, gasping heavily
With a sigh and a smile, a kiss concludes
To the ending scene

Or two porcelain bodies, profiles rising and falling in a desperate want for air
Sweat dissipating
Content, they lay and rest
Seeking to remain in a blissful, loving state for as long as possible

As quickly as the physical needs struck them both, they fade away
The mind regains control, pushing back natural instinct
The thoughts filter in slowly and following is conversation,
One gives in and both rise to dress and exit the stage


Shine On – Have Confidence in Yourself

Broken Silhouette by sappymscobain | Shine On Poem | Koogimama Ponders

Photo by sappymscobain - Click for link

Do you still sit in your corner, listening to the sad songs and wondering when anyone will listen to you?
Do you lay your blade to skin and watch as your tears fall to mix with blood?
Do you shy from those who offer help and guard your smiles for fear you’ll use them all up?
Do your eyes look beyond the crowd and see the sky above, drawing a better life for you?

I did that. I did all of it. I cried. I bled. I hid my smiles.
I blocked my hope. I cowered from chance.
I thought only the sky could hold where I wanted to be.

Would you stand up off your knees and trust me, if only with your mind, listen to me.
Hear my voice as I sing songs of hope to you, a gentle lullaby to still a petrified heart
And understand that I have been there, I have fallen and I have arose to a better tomorrow.

My black, broken silhouette one day unbent, my spine straightened and wings of a new heart spread behind me
Through the cracks shined a brilliant light, pushing with such power to get out
That all forms of my timid shell fell behind, and in a glowing revelation
I let my knees support my trembling body and then my feet, toes gripping for a balance unknown

With a breathing heart, I lifted wings of beauty and rose towards the clouds Lucid Dream Excerpt | Shine On Poem | Koogimama Ponders
Beating through them, confident as all the birds who live there
And though I know I will have to come down, to return back to a ground, a people
I feel that right now, I am no longer broken, I am a figure of strength in my own mind

While I did not trust those around me just yet, I trusted in myself

So as you listen to this song and this melody, know that your soul can too shine and fly
To brilliant new heights and in a blinding light that all might shield their eyes from in shock
You are a person worth sharing with the world
Believe in your strength and in your physical existence

You are real. You are here. You deserve to be seen and heard. You deserve to be loved and understood.

But how can anyone see and know the beauty of a rare gem if it lies amongst dust,
High up on a shelf, in the darkest recesses of a room?

It’s your turn. Shine on.

Dancing in the Sunlight | Shine On Poem | Koogimama Ponders

Sand in a Jar

Hold Steady | Sand in a Jar Poem | Koogimama Ponders

I can’t say every day I gave my best effort
I won’t say I smiled at every stranger

I will not guarantee that my heart has been in it all the way
I did not put one hundred percent into my actions

But I still felt the appreciation and the anticipation of a new day
I still awoke with a hope that I would get to see the sun rise and fall once more

When the colors seemed to fade, in the brightest sunlight
And the waves rose above my head, tossing limbs wildly

I reached upon the shelf up high, breaking through cobwebs, Sand Falling From Hands | Sand in a Jar Poem | Koogimama Ponders
Wiped the dust from the lid and opened up my jar of sand

In the gentle glow of dusk, I poured the sand over my toes
Reaching to pick it off the ground and run my fingers through it

Drawing simple outlines of hearts and suns, a vivid imagination
Surrounded me with a beach scene and a delicate breeze

With a quick blow, the wind swept my sand away,
Trickling into the air above the grass and winding into the distance

But still my mind pretended the buildings were palm trees
And each passing car a playful flip of a dolphin fin

Though I doubt some days and feel as though my life goes unrecognized by all but me
I know it is not true and in one jar of sand, my world stays whole and vivid

Ferris Wheel HLSR | Sand in a Jar Poem | Koogimama Ponders