I am dancing, I am spinning
Like a teacup ride, oh
Gotta let it all go
Float to the sky, in a spinning whirlwind
Of fire and water
Hands out and a smile tears across my face
I feel the water falling from my eyes
And I can’t help but smile
At the pounding heart,
The flying freedom
Free to fly across the skies
To race past clouds and challenge the birds
To fly up top an airplane
White dress billows across my bare feet
Shoulders bare to catch the wounded
I will take you all in
I will care for you
I will share with you my epiphany
And take you for a ride in the sky
We shall sit on the clouds
We will make it rain with our toes

The sweet cherry candy
Presses against my tongue
Reminding me of child hood
Running barefoot in the grass
Tumbling, falling, and getting back up
The simplicity of those days
And now I am back
My heart feels whole
I am discovering who I am, little by little
And with each discovery,
I feel a victorious catch in my throat
Gnaw on my cheeks with the memories of yester year
Reach out to touch the tree, feel the life
Absorb the strength and sit upon it
Feel as a king, throne of the world
The tree was later a pile of dirt
My throne, an abandoned chair
My crown full of deception

But I discarded the disappointments
The negative, dragging me to the bottoms of hell
Damning my soul
I fought every evil look, every convincing pull of the hand
I am free?
I am free.
I am FREE!
I will rest where I choose to lie
I will go and float to the meadow,
Resting amongst the tall grass
Play with the black bear
Chase the elk and follow the butterfly
I will drive and drive and I won’t look back
Where will I go?
If only I knew

Someplace where the happiness spreads
Where the smiles are contagious
Where the lies are non-existent
I will rest in a wooden chair
Surrounded by trees
Dig my feet into the soft dirt
And parade the feeling
Of fresh life, of fresh air,
Of beauty and of the stars
The glorious stars
To greet me in my slumber
And shake my hand, letting me glow too
For I am who I am
I am happy
I am crazy
I am different
I am me
And sitting on a cloud, I am the only me around
I wait patiently for my friends
To kiss and to hold, to hug and to love
To banter and to comfort

To think I wanted to die,
To go to hell,
When all this was waiting for me
Promises of true happiness
I am not a patient person
But I have never been so happy as to wait for this
Enraptured in the thoughts running through my heads
Watching my fingers tear across the keyboards
Each click, one more proof of my determination
To stay here
In a sky of clouds, in whirlwinds of opposite
Carrying me heart
So I do not grow weary in my travels


Kaleidoscope Eyes

Spin. Spin.
Spin. Spin. Spin.
Open your eyes
And you shall see
Everything that’s me
With my kaleidoscope eyes
With my kaleidoscope eyes

Headlights are flying by me
And the world just keeps on turning
Fingers keep on playing
And my heart just keeps on burning

I’m spinning, I’m wishing
To climb up in that tree
To sway, and to swing
And sing for all that’s me

Spin. Spin.
Spin. Spin. Spin.
Reach out a hand to hold you
As we carry the world together
Smiles break the moonlight
And then I’m blinded
Through my kaleidoscope eyes
Through my kaleidoscope eyes

Carry me through the fields of green
To the flowers bright and plenty
Walk with me down a broken path
The newborns of the century

Lets just keep spinning
Lets just keep walking
See the world as I would see
Through our kaleidoscope eyes
Through our kaleidoscope eyes

Barefoot Bandit: Colton Harris-Moore

He’s living that life that every child contemplated after reading The Boxcar Children. He’s on the run, eluding police at every turn, always one step ahead, and living his life free of societal norms. He’s so far out there that he’s received extreme responses from everybody. Some cheer him on with all their might. Go, Colton, go! And others calling him foolish, saying he’s living in fantasy land. Maybe he is. Maybe he’s walking around, pretending to be James Bond and living the life of a spy. We don’t know. I, however, think he’s just fulfilling his dream to be an outlaw. He’s more of a role model than anything, showing you that if you think it’s crazy, you think it’s a bad idea, you won’t find out until you try. This boy wanted to be alone, he didn’t want to be in our establishment. Why should we hate him for doing so? I mean, aside from the burglaries. He’s just a more violent version of a hobo. And at nineteen years old, he’s been able to evade police for longer than most experienced criminals.

Barefoot Bandit

The Barefoot Bandit: Colton Harris-Moore

He doesn’t show up for press conferences, he doesn’t openly publicize his arrival in an area, he just gets what he needs, kicks up his infamous bare feet, and then moves on when the time is called for. Following his continuously moving behavior, it would seem that he doesn’t really want to settle down. It seems he’s completely cool with never having his own house. He doesn’t mind always running. Although I’m sure he could go for one night of sleep when he doesn’t think someone’s just around the corner waiting for him.

Harris-Moore adopted the life-on-the-run attitude when he was much younger. According to [potentially unreliable] sources, as a baby, he was abused by his father and his stepfather passed away when he was seven years old. His mother didn’t seem to be much help and was constantly under investigation for child abuse herself. The mother states that Harris-Moore had “sort of a disconnection”  early in the first grade and by about the age of seven, he was living in the wild. Beginning his life as a thief started immediately after, as he would break into neighbors’ houses to steal blankets and food and disappear in the woods for days. After he’d done it once, he felt much more confident and burglarized many homes. He hurt himself a little though in giving himself that reputation. According to his mother, “Every time he had anything any good, everyone thought he stole it. What does that do to a kid?” As far as defense goes, I give her a two.


Postcard kind of like this. K, thanks!

He has stolen planes. He’s stolen cars. He’s stolen boats. And He’s going to continue until he is physically stopped. Somehow Harris-Moore has eluded arrest for a couple years now but who knows how long he can make it. Whether he does or not, there’s plenty of Facebookers waiting on pins and needles for every word of his progress. We all know our Facebook is Courtney Love’s crack. We can’t do without it. And Colton has involuntarily become one of the more influential outlaws in the United States because of this cyber narcotic. While I don’t support crime and I don’t like that he breaks into houses, I can’t help but cheer for him. He’s done something that every teenager has wanted to do at some point in their life. And he’s succeeded. He is the real outlaw of our generation. We have our own outlaw! How cool is that?

As the “Barefoot Bandit” continues to traverse the world, I will sit here in my air conditioned building, in front of my nice laptop, where, should the government need to find me, they’d be able to. I wish you luck Colton Harris-Moore. And while you’re in the Bahamas, bring me back a t-shirt? If not, that’s alright. A postcard will do just fine. Ooh!  And draw little feet on it. That’d be cute.

UPDATE! –> Thursday, July 8, 2010: Harris-Moore was caught on surveillance camera in the Bahamas while burglarizing a convenience store. He’s been easily spooked twice now and left two different stores without getting everything he wanted. Don’t get caught, Barefoot Bandit. It’d ruin everyone’s fun.


For those of you who don’t know about Colton Harris-Moore (a.k.a. “Barefoot Bandit”), here are several links on him keeping tabs since he walked out of a halfway house in April 2008 and dropped out of sight: – What we Know

Map of Barefoot Bandit’s Criminal Path (not all reports have been confirmed by police) – On the Trail of the Bandit (2009) – Barefoot Bandit Outfoxes Sheriffs (2009) – Barefoot Bandit a National Celebrity (2010) – Barefoot Bandit makes a donation to the Animal Shelter (2010) – Has Barefoot Bandit hit the Tropics? – Barefoot Bandit faces Indictment – Colton’s Cult on Facebook

Go, Barefoot Bandit, Go!