The sun decided to come out today
To greet us with its bright, warm face
I smiled at it in the street
Twirling around in my bare feet

 White skirt flying in a circle
My hands raised to grasp the rays
Dancing with a little girl
Raise her hands and give her a twirl

The music casts out, beyond the square
The folks walking are all so alive
As friends grow nearer
Smiles stretch from ear to ear

Families, friends, cops, and bikers
Music, booths, toys, and smilers
Hearts, hands, and a sly glance
Bellamy Brothers bring out the dance 

Poppy Festival spreads red
Newcomers and Oldcomers
Everyone gathers to meet and greet
Nod our heads, tap our feet

At the end of the day
The sun has faded
But our smiles have stayed
New memories are made



Greyhound Window

On a greyhound, watching the fields tear past

Small towns, eager to be on the map

“Lucinda’s Pie! World renowned!”

Who is Lucinda?

Did she grow up here, in the open sky?


Texas warmth seeps in through the windows.

A/C on my feet, toes almost frozen

Arms and chest are toasty in the loving sun

Corn fields wilting in the heat

Weeds sprout and thrive, choking bluebonnets, covering oak


Bathroom Break

Convenient store

Old woman pulls out a pack of cigarettes, smokes quickly

Back on the road


A cow lowes across a field, stuck in the mud of a pond

Thirst overcame common sense

Now the cow will die, unable to reach food

It is a harsh world, but it is also full of life and meaning

For now the birds can eat, the coyotes can eat

The pond has natural fertilization again


All is seen with quiet eyes, forgiving eyes

Everything has  a reason.

Texas is warm but harsh, loving but not so forgiving

You have to adapt to the cool ponds

And accept the mosquitoes, eating you alive


“You need an RV! Stop in today!”

The window gives everything a gray tint

The blue sky is still clearly blue and the sun, still bright

And loving.